What makes a good LCD enclosure?

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Ever had to ask – what makes a good LCD enclosure?

Have you had to deploy a display outdoors? Wondered what the best solution was to protect the hardware? Well wonder no more, contact LCD Enclosure Solutions Incorporated and let them take the worry and guess work  out of the decision.

They have 4 years experience making protective cases for displays and screens used in outdoor advertising. These casing are at home in a factory providing industrial monitor enclosure protection or outdoors, providing sunlight readable displays with protection from the harmful sunlight.

LCD enclosure

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LCD Enclosure Solutions History

digital signage enclosure

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LCD Enclosure Solutions USA

We are part of a manufacturing group that was established in 1983, we have developed products from protection against dust, fluid and physical attacks, this is what brought us into the digital signage arena.

We design and manufacturer numerous protective housings for:

Factory Applications.

  • PCs & Computers
  • Thin clients
  • Monitors

Digital Signage Applications.

  • Anti vandal LCD protection
  • LED’s
  • LED video walls
  • Anti theft protection

Our solutions are used throughout the world, manufactured in a sister plant in Florida, we offer a turnkey solution. You can rest assure when you use us, you get a quality product at a cost effective price.

Digital signage enclosures.

In the past 4 years we have seen digital advertising grow so fast, but one problem has been how to provide a digital sign that is resilient to vandalism and theft, now there is a solution – our digital signage enclosure. These protective enclosures are designed to open by opened with the key, other units on the market are fitted with substandard locks that can be opened with items from a child’s pencil case! Frightening when you are investing thousands of dollars in the hardware, you need it protected.

for more information contact us on toll free number below, to discuss anything and to get a discount mention digital signage enclosures.

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