Outdoor kiosks – way finding or just advertising?

We at LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc offer a wide variety of outdoor digital signage kiosks, these can be used for navigating around an outdoor shopping mall to display ads in direct sunlight.

Range of outdoor kiosks.

Our interactive outdoor kiosks come in both touch and non touch, so consumers can interact with the ads if this is what the client requires, the screen sizes start at 32″ and go up to 84″, usually with the screens in portrait, however we also offer a solution in landscape too!

outdoor kiosks

Standard non touch outdoor kiosks.

These are not fitted with an interactive display, however the screen is still sunlight readable, even in direct sunlight. Clients do not have to worry about the screen blackening, due to the harmful effects of direct sun on the display. Our solutions come as standard with high bright displays, ensuring all ads can be seen at all times of the day, in all weathers!

All our units come complete with a network media player, clients wishing to use their own media player, due to existing contracts in place – not a problem, as long as your player will fit in the space, it will work!

Weatherproof kiosks.

Our units are designed to be located, outdoors in all weather. The units protect the internal hardware from rain, snow and dust. The units are fitted with internal filters to eliminate any air borne debris entering the kiosk, ideal for desert installations. The cooling and heating system ensures the hardware inside the housing is at the right temperature no matter what the temperature is outside the housing. Our units are used in locations that reach -20 to 140F!

LCD Enclosure Solutions Incorporated, outdoor kiosk solutions are also tamper resistant kiosks.