digital signage enclosures

LCD enclosure solutions.

So what is an LCD enclosure? The market is vast for protecting TVs in an outdoor area, however the problem is people have cobbled together solutions that are really not weatherproof or more to the point vandal proof. So when a home owner of business invests in some type of display that is going outdoors they have to be educated, as a plastic box is no real protection or deterrent for a thief.

The same plastic unit have hinges on the front of the unit that can be as quickly drilled out with a battery drill, making access to your valuable hardware inside.

lcd enclosure

LCD enclosure solutions.

Now compare this with our solution that is completely weather and vandal proof. Made out of steel, with the door designed to withstand the most determined psychical attack. The door is fitted with concealed hinges so the only way to gain access to them is through the locks, and these locks are high security locks. Not the compression or cam locks fitted to 99% of other outdoor housings.

Our protective housings are manufactured from either cold roll steel and coated with a protective powder coating, or in stainless steel for harsher environments. Our solutions will accommodate screens from 17″ up to 108″, used mainly in the outdoor digital signage industry as well as used for protecting TV’s in backyards of homes.

We at LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc can be contacted toll free on 1-866-948-0859 for an informative quote at a cost effective price.


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