Outdoor digital signage solutions.

outdoor digital signage

LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc have over 7 years experience manufacturing and supplying digital signage hardware solutions that have been used outdoors throughout the world. Digital advertising is the new, modern way to promote a brand, a product and uplift the companies profile in the eyes and minds of perspective buyers.

Their product ranges from high bright and sunlight readable digital signage displays, that can be controlled remotely or locally. Their solutions range from digital menu boards for Quick Serve Restaurants through to sunlight readable display enclosures with displays ranging in size from 47″ to the enormous 84″.

Outdoor digital menu boards.

Enables menus to be displayed outdoors and are perfect for a drive-thru application, so customers can instantly see the restaurant menus, these digital signage solution are simple to manage and a breeze to update. Screen sizes range from 40″ to 55″.

Outdoor LED signs

LED signs have started to be deployed outdoors in locations such as campuses, to engage with visitors, students and staff alike. This solution comes in panels 3 feet x 3 feet and can be tiled together to form any size outdoor LED sign required. Now LED signs outdoors knows no restrictions.

Outdoor digital signage choices

There are numerous solutions as previously mentioned, our outdoor electronic signs are the most cost effective solutions available. We offer everything from:

  • Outdoor TV’s
  • LED displays
  • Outdoor digital signage kiosks
  • Outdoor LED video walls
  • Wayfinding kiosks
  • Protective digital signage enclosures

So from single displays to full outdoor digital signage networks, solutions are available for updating content locally as well as through a network of outdoor signs that are linked, the distance is not a problem, so the digital signage network can be either be globally or even in the same city.

Who uses outdoor electronic signs?

Many organizations that use this new technology are looking to do one, if not more of the following:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Promote a product or service
  • Inform visitors and staff alike
  • Engage with prospects

See what Wikipedia says about outdoor digital signage. It seems as though everyone is either investing or thinking of investing in this type of advertising, rather than the traditional advertising methods.

We have seen University campuses using outdoor LED signs, to greet visitors to site, through to restaurants promoting their menu and daily specials through outdoor signs. Just look at Times Square in New York and you will see that this type of advertising is successful, otherwise it would not be as popular.

Some people think it is costly, however it really depends on how soon a company wants to see a ROI, if it’s fast there are affordable solutions for that. There is a massive opportunity for ad agencies to earn a large recurring income from a single outdoor location, by selling ad spots, some charge as much as $400 per 2 minute slot per month and have over 100 ads rotating every day at the same location, this equals $40,000 and when the hardware costs as little as $5,000, the advertising agency is making an excellent margin of $35,000 the first month with a recurring income every month of $40,000, after all the expenditure has been taken out.

LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc can be contacted on their toll free number 1-888-460-3573 for outdoor digital signage.