interactive and non touch kiosks

Interactive and non touch kiosks

The world is growing and so is digital signage, with hotels and restaurants deploying interactive and non touch kiosks, to engage and entertain guests. There is a difference between the two apart from the obvious.

Interactive kiosks

These units are fitted with a touch screen, so when customers touch the screen they can interact with the content, this enables advertisers to laser target ads to specific audiences.

interactive kiosk

These units have a built in PC that handles all the touch commands as well as the content. Usually controlled from a central location in a digital signage network.

Available in sizes: 40″,  46″ and 50″.

Non touch kiosks.

These are usually in single locations, content is updated manually or can be remotely updated and they have a built in media player. Screen sizes are between 36″ and 65″.

non touch kiosk

If you need assistance, just call LCD Enclosure Solutions USA on the toll free number and you will be surprised at the affordable prices! All interactive and non touch kiosks come with a 2 year warranty.