Using an anti ligature TV enclosure.

Protecting flat panel screens in psychiatric and behavioral units is challenging, but by using an anti ligature TV enclosure it’s something less to be concerned about. Management can go about their day, knowing the staff and patients cannot harm themselves on the TVs installed.

Problems with installing TVs in behavioral units.

There are to problems when a flat panel TV is installed within a mental health unit, the first is that a regular TV mount will provide an opportunity for self harm. A patient could wrap material around the frame and hurt themselves, another issue is if a patient becomes enraged, in their fury they can smash the screen and use the shards of glass as a weapon on nursing staff and fellow patients. This is a huge problem, as you can understand. So limiting access to the television is essential to provide a safe and secure environment for the patient’s recovery.
anti ligature tv enclosure

What an anti ligature TV enclosure does.

There are several anti ligature TV enclosures on the market, but none all are equal, some have 1/8″ thick viewing window and some have 3/8″ thick viewing window. Some are made from plastic, some solid steel! One thing these protective TV housings have in common, is that they are designed to prevent a patient from accessing the TV and harming themselves or others.

We manufacture a protective unit that has been developed over 18 months with US Federal Mental Health Department, so our solution ticks all the boxes. If you want to change channel on the TV, you can using our state of the art remote eye solution without ever touching the anti ligature TV enclosure.

Installations in psychiatric units.

We understand that patients do not like change, so to minimize any disruption, we offer our psychiatric anti ligature TV enclosure with the option of having an internally mounted sound bar, so all a hospital has to do is connect the TV to the internal screen mount and then connect the 3.5mm jack from the sound bar to the screen, the access door has a series of perforations to allow the stereo sound to leave the housing, without sounding muffled. This results in a complete out-the-box solution, that can be fitted in under 30 minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to a busy psychiatric unit.

In the 5 years we have been manufacturing the units, no one has harmed themselves on our product, proving our anti ligature TV enclosure is one of the best on the market.

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