Anti ligature protection for vulnerable people.

Some people may have a tendency to self harm, especially when they are in a vulnerable state of mind. This is why anti ligature protection is required, this prevents the person from looping material around an item and creating a loop that they can use to harm themselves.

anti ligature protection

This type of environment is in many locations from psychiatric hospitals, correctional facilities to Homeland Security holding areas, people who have a fragile mind can and will turn to drastic measures to escape their demons. Over the past 18 months, there has been a growing number of cases of self harm in teenage behavioral units, resulting in a number of fatalities.

Anti ligature protection for VETS.

We do have a duty of care to protect these people who are vulnerable in our care and especially the men and women who have given their time to defend our country in Afghanistan, now we are even seeing more and more returning Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), this can show itself in a number of ways.  People’s personality can go inwards, which is noticeable when the person was an extrovert, but difficult to spot on an introverted person.

Psychiatric protection for all ages.

With psychiatric problems not being limited to an age group, we have seen this problem of self harm stem the age gap from teenagers to retired people. But the facilities that these people frequent have to have suicide proof hardware, to include:

  • Anti ligature knobs
  • Anti-ligature handles
  • Beveled latch
  • Safety lever

All these have to be integrated in to the hospital design, making the environment a suicide-proof one.  Suicide prevention is paramount in a psychiatric unit or a correctional facility, these are essential for staff and fellow patients safety.

The first thing to make sure, is that the patient does not have access to any sharp implements, that can be used as a weapon or to self harm.

LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc have worked with many psychiatric units and correctional facilities to design the most robust protective unit to ensure the TV can not be used as a ligature point.

Their anti ligature LCD TV enclosure is available to cover the following size screens: 17″ to 65″. Made from steel they have a unique, patent pending design that has sloped tops or sides all round. They tried just a sloped top but it was possible to loop material around the protective housing and would cause a potential looping hazard, this is why they developed the 4 sided sloped unit so material would just slip off the housing when ever anyone tried it.

More information on their anti ligature protection solutions, can be found here.